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Home Visits


How do I request a home visit?

Home visits are made when in the opinion of the doctor the visit is necessary and the patient cannot be better and safely dealt with by some other means, for example, a consultation at the surgery or the problem necessitates attendance at A&E

Coming to the surgery can be a better choice for you for many reasons:

  • We have better facilities available to examine and treat you
  • The doctor can easily access your patient computerised records

We can arrange urgent referrals from the practice at the appointment time and have access to hospital records. You can access other members of the practice team who are based in the surgery if needed.

  • Chaperones are available
  • There is a pharmacy close by or next door for your medicines

You may be assessed by a doctor at the surgery over the telephone to ensure the doctor has all the information they need prior to visiting you. Sometimes after a telephone consultation, the doctor will be able to provide you with a treatment plan or advice which means that you do not require a home visit that day.

If you have chest pain or sudden onset of severe breathlessness you should call 999 or emergency medical attention