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About us


Solihull Healthcare Partnership (SHP) is a partnership which provides NHS GP services to over 55,000 patients through one individual GP practice operating from seven surgeries across Solihull/Shirley. A partnership is made up of GP practices who come together to form one single partnership.

SHP’s vision is to provide local care to patients, forging a strong relationship between our multidisciplinary team within our healthcare centres and patients whilst at the same time being part of a larger organisation and benefitting from wider resources, of a larger organisation. We have a small centralised management team that support our GP practices and provide services such as HR, IT, finance, governance and communications. which means our GP practice teams can concentrate their energies on providing excellent care to our patients.

Our mission statements are:

Sustainable Primary Care services that meet the needs of our patients and commissioners

Have a united, strong and financially viable organisation

Practice of choice of our patients and employer of choice for our staff

We are dedicated to improving healthcare provision and share a belief that General Practice is the foundation of NHS services.

We aim to meet the growing needs and expectations of our patients; without losing continuity of care, and we work together to find new, innovative solutions that will provide high quality, excellent care for all.