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Information for Patients



Why was SHP formed?


Solihull Healthcare Partnership (SHP) was formed in October 2018 and moved to a single registered practice in October 2019. In line with the NHS long-term plan, SHP was created as a single site primary care network (PCN). There are countless benefits to being a PCN, if you would like to read more, please visit:

Are the surgeries at SHP closed?

No – All surgeries in SHP have secured the front doors with a video entry system to protect staff and patients and all sites have remained open during COVID-19.

How do I access help from the surgery?

 You can access the services SHP offer by:

Visiting our surgery sites: Patients are able to visit any of our sites (apart from Blossomfield Surgery which is now our South Solihull Hub and Dickens Heath Surgery). Patients can speak to a member of the team between the hours of 09:00 – 16:00 from Monday to Friday. You will be able to book appointments, request your medication and ask your queries in person during these hours.


Please observe social distancing whilst waiting to speak to one of our team. Please wear a mask at all times.


Telephone: All of our surgery phone numbers are still active. SHP have had unprecedented telephone activity during COVID-19 and we apologise to all patients who have experienced long wait times.  SHP are committed to improving this and we have a plan in place to help patients who require to contact us via telephone to be dealt with as efficiently as possible.

If you do choose to phone us, our call handling team will ask you questions about the nature of your call to assess the best way to handle your request and get you to the right healthcare professional.


Online:  In line with NHS England, for non-urgent medical queries or appointment requests, use our Online Consultation forms to contact us. Please visit for details where you will also be able to find a ‘How-to’ video and some Online Consult FAQs.

Online access is quick and its use will free up our phone lines for more urgent patient issues and vulnerable patients who are unable to fill in a form.

Please view the video below which highlights the changes General Practice have made

How can I book a face to face appointment with a doctor or nurse?

It is paramount that we maintain the safety of all patients and staff during the pandemic. This is why you will only be offered a face to face appointment if it is absolutely medically necessary as decided by our clinical staff. We understand that this is both disappointing and frustrating but we are continually assessing our services and capacity to treat patients.

Where can I be seen face to face by a doctor or nurse?

We are currently booking face to face appointments at Monkspath Surgery, The Jacey Practice and Haslucks Green Medical Centre*.

We envisage that other surgeries within our group will also soon be offering further face to face appointments.

*We currently only book new babies, expectant mothers and cervical screening at Haslucks Green Medical Centre.

Prescription requests- how can I order these without waiting on the phone?

Please refrain from phoning us to request your medication (including the contraceptive pill) unless previously authorised to do so by a GP.

There are three methods you may use to order your prescription:

  • We have a post-box outside every site (apart from Blossomfield Surgery) where you may post a written request for your medication.

I want to request my test results. How do I do this without waiting on the phone?

Please send us an Online Consultation form requesting your results if you are able to.

Please note – we can only give you results for tests that a healthcare professional at SHP has ordered. We will not have access to investigations requested by the health care professionals at the hospital during an outpatient appointment.

I have been referred to the hospital but have heard nothing back. What do I do?

There are currently long waiting times for appointments at the hospital. If you have any queries regarding your referral, please fill in an Online Consult form if you are able to. A member of the secretarial team will contact you.

I have received a cervical smear test recall letter. Are you booking these?

Yes. SHP have almost cleared the backlog of cervical screening created by COVID restraints and are actively booking patients at both Monkspath Surgery and Haslucks Green Medical Centre. Please request your cervical screening appointment online if you are able to at: